Increase Your Customer's LTV Using Automated 
Customer Adventures

Ever been on the "startup" hamster wheel?

*New Client* - *Get Paid* - *New Client* - *Get Paid* - *...etc...*

Nearly everybody finds themselves in that position at some point in their business.

They just can't get enough revenue to really "get off the wheel..."

We all have things that we know we need to do...

...I feel like the therapist that needs therapy when I say that...

In fact, I'd bet you have 5-10 - or more - things right now that you know you should do to increase the revenue in your business.

But as my father says, "Son, there jist ain't enough hours in a day." 

(Say that again with a southern drawl)

Some famous (likely dead) guy once said:

"There are three ways to make more money in a business:

1. Increase how often your customers buy 

2. Increase the number of buyers 

3. Increase the price of the product(s) bought" 
Being as it's umpteen times easier (that's a scientific term, by the way) to resell a current customer...  

Why not take advantage of that fact? 

I know this sounds oversimplified. 

But all you have to do is ask and your existing customers will throw more money at you. 

One of the things I see all the time is businesses that are set up to sell one thing extremely well.  

They build an amazing system to sell their flagship product. 

And then they start throwing other products in the mix haphazardly. 

It's like they take the time and effort to make their first dart a perfect bullseye. And then they closed their eyes before throwing the rest of their darts at the wall. 

Instead of planning out their additional products, they hope and pray they can ride the wave of success. And think that they can make another big winner out of their next offering. 

What if... there was a better way? could get your customers to tell you what and when they want to buy the next thing from you? 

You're probably thinking to yourself, "Who's this nameless, faceless guy to tell me about my business?" 

We'll get there in a minute. 

But for now, let's look at what we can do with your business... 

One of the first things that needs to happen is fully understanding your Customer Experience... 

How they become a lead... 

How they buy...

How that's fulfilled... 

And, arguably just as important, what happens after that... 

(this is where the money is hiding) 

It's critical to understand that there is a cost to acquire every customer for your business... 

So every time you re-sell a customer, you just acquired them again, for free this time. 

Number two on that list is important as well, sell the same stuff to more people

Everybody has a CRM full of email addresses that opted in for a lead magnet, or that almost checked out, but stopped for some reason. 

They are already bought and paid for, right? 

With just a few minutes of work on the front end, we can turn more of them into buyers than you ever thought possible...  

On average, 80% of people don't complete a transaction the first time... 

and 20-30% of them will buy on a follow up visit.  

But it's critical to make that follow up visit happen. 

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Dan Ferrari
Found over $100k in an fitness ecomm/info business

Conner Corkrin
Added $40k per month in recurring revenue to their home contractor marketing agency

Ian Cunningham
Automated "hours and hours" out of his business using Zapier in conjunction with their current tech stack

Zac Hansen
Found a number of places to add back end revenue for coaches he works with